Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Champion's League Posting Guidlines

In an effort to make the best use of the Labels feature, and therefore make it easier to explore and search the Champion's League blog, we ask that you 'tag' each of your blog entries with a minimum of a league and team name Label. In the interest of keeping things standard, please use the following tags for the leagues.

Ruth Conference: ruth
Mantle Conference: mantle
Mays Conference: mays

In addition, please add a separate Label (comma separated) with your team name in it. Please be consistent in the team name you use so that if a reader views by the team name Label, they will see all your entries for the season. So, for example, the Cleveland Spiders in the Ruth Conference would Label the post as: ruth, spiders.

Please treat this only as a minimum standard - if you'd like to use other labels (cool, WTF, strategy, winning streak, etc.) - please feel free to do so. But hopefully with a minimum of effort, we can make it easy for readers to interact with the Champion's League blog. Note that we will use the Label 'admin' for anything as dry as an announcement, or the like.

Also note that the spell check feature on Blogger is pretty solid (see button in the editing box window), so if you're not such a hot speller (like me!) then that's a good button to press before posting.

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