Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Champion's League Rule Set gamedayritual has introduced a few new league features for 2007, which include some optional settings which can be set on a league-wide basis. So, its necessary to specify a little closer what the 'rules' will be for the Champion's League.

In general, we're trying to keep these leagues as 'clean' as possible, with a more 'traditional' set of gamedayritual rules. Here are some of the highlights:

Firesales: Yes
FAB OtM Length: 24 hours
FAB Blackout: Yes
Non-FAB Transaction Period: 24 hours
FAB Rounds (returning leagues only): 3
FAB Event Speed: 'Fast' (3 min)
Contract Extensions: 3 years total, 2 max
Schedule: 1 game per week
Serise: No Virtual Serise
SP: Matchup Bonus
Legacy: Yes

You can find explanatory information on each of these features by clicking on the [?] links on your My Account> Leagues page.

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