Monday, February 26, 2007


We're holding at 8 owners so far in this 14 team league. Hopefully the league will fill up quickly, thus leading to the FAB. In the mean time: no one was chosen the firesale option yet. To use the Firesale option you are going to need to ensure that when you do this that there is a lot of players available to spend your new found cash on. So a couple of factors to look at: a number of teams that chose the option, the number of one year contracts expiring this spring and strength of your present team.
Even if you keep team or firesale of it, you need to maximize your time before the FAB. That means research == you can buy a bunch of magazines, listen to all the shows. What ever is best for you it does not matter -- go on decide if you are going to go big price guys or looking for the cheap bargain. Decide where to place the focus of your draft if you have a returning team then your focus should be more narrow, whether you are doing the firesale or drafting a new team then decide on your focus: hitter or Pitchers up front.
Off to do some research. More to follow

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