Friday, February 23, 2007

Pugs Prepare

Pugs have returned for another run in the Ruth League. The season was rough start with 5 – 10 record but was able to finish strong. The pugs ended with a final record of 12 – 14 including knocking off several of the top teams in the Ruth League during the last month. The Pugs are returning with a strong core of players:
A. Soriano OF
J. Damon OF
H. Matsui OF
M. Cameron OF
C. Delgado 1B
S. Hillenbrand 1B
C. Jones 3B
B. Crosby SS
J. Varitek C

J. Beckett SP
M. Cain SP
B. Jenks RP
B. Wickman RP

A number of top prospects: Pedroia (2B), Barton (C/1B), Clement (C), Saltalamacchia (C), Swarzak (RP) and Wood (SS).

I have $27.5 M left to spend on the FAB and post FAB.

I have a choice to make before I can proceed. I can do the fire sale and start over – means I get rid of the core of players I have and release the prospects or go into the FAB with what I have to include signing contract extensions. Doing the fire sale will depend on what the other teams do – there is a risk but the rewards if managed right could be large.
If I keep the team as is, I’ll have to go searching for good pitching that is cheap.
We are playing the league under some new rules: SP match up and FAB Black out. We’ll have to see how those two play during the FAB and season.

More to follow as I prep for the FAB – Right now it is set for 9 April but I expect it to be moved up once Ruth is filled up.

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