Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Welcome to 2007

Good job GDR on bringing back the flavor of the old league & some new twists... this promises to be another interesting year.

What I've got planned for my returing Mojo Men in 2007:
1.) Keep the core of my success last year - SP's Oswalt, Carpenter & Webb along with Jason Bay & Ryan Howard
2.) Put the lesser known kids in my FAB who may have breakout years (there were a ton last year... likely will be the same this year) so I don't get pulled into bidding wars with the studs too early and lose GM points...
3.) Bid carefully on the position players I really need in the FAB from other teams selections. Bid early and close to what I want to be my final offer.
4.) Find the diamonds - the guys who could emerge this year.
5.) Trade after the FAB - a lot can happen between now & opening day...

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