Monday, February 19, 2007

What are the Champion's Leagues?

The Champion's Leagues are only open to gamedayritual users that managed league winning teams during the previous season. As such, you can be certain that you will be competing against the "best of the best" in gamedayritual .

The rules are simple. There will be several Champion's Leagues operating simultaneously to accommodate all eligible users. (There were three in 2006, the 2007 number is still to be determined.) If you finish the previous Champions League season with a .500 record or better you may stay in the league for the following season for free. If you fall below this mark your team will be awarded to another eligible GM from the pool - its play or be played at this level.*

(* In 2006, we provided the option for sub 0.500 GM's to buy their way back into the Champion's league by re-purchasing their teams. Going forward from 2007, that will no longer be possible. However we will make that option available to any Champion's League GM's from 2006 on a one-time 'grandfather clause' basis.)

In exchange for participation in the Champion's League, we respectfully ask that owners of Champion's League teams attempt maintain a "blog" of their experiences, strategies and insights. That is the purpose of this web space. GM's in the Champions Leagues are the "experts" of gamedayritual, so their shared experience is exciting to follow along with, and aspire to.

Eliglble gamedayritual GM's will be contacted in the February/March-2007 time frame with participation details.

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