Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Another Way To Keep Track Of Your Players

Here in Champions' Land we're all obviously fairly savvy GMs. Some of us probably even subscribe to Baseball Prospectus, or TSN's Fantasy Source or some other site that provides news, updates and analysis of the players on our teams. But just in case you're not the spending kind, here's a great free way to keep track of what's going on with your players during the season:

Sign up for the free My ESPN and create a page with your players' ESPN cards.

I'll trust that you're all internet-y enough to handle the signup and page creation. Getting to where you add your players can be a tad tricky, though, so here's a little map:

Add content → MLB → Teams → League → Team → Players → Your Player

One more hint... Go to the Page Settings & Themes option and set your player page to the 4-column layout to get the most info into the least space.

Think of it like arranging your baseball cards (or maybe your Strat-o-Matic cards) out on the table in front of you, except that the table is your screen and the data on the cards updates regularly and links to additional useful sources of information. But whatever you do, don't put your laptop in the spokes of your bike wheels.

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