Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Are fires actually good?

Joining a new league and inheriting a team is a bit scary, but doing it blind in a league made up of only persons who won their league?? Well, let's just say that if I wasn't so honored to become a member of the Champion's League, I may have given it some more thought. Ok, so the fact that it was free was the only reason I considered it. You got me. I'm cheap. Hey, that's probably why I ended up winning my league, though! :)

In any event, once I received the link to join, my excitement about competing amongst the GDR Champs was quickly replaced with shock and awe of how horrible my team was. Could some one who actually won their respective league actually have created this mess??? Certainly, they must have pawned this off on their 8yr old brother. Nahhh, my 8yr old brother would mop the floor with this guy. No matter. Some how I was staring at only 8M for the entire FAB and my #1 starter was Mark Buerhle (8M/2y)?!?! I started dissecting each contract, surely there must be some hidden gems in there. Derek Lee 12M/2y/NT. Ok, I can kinda see how one could have tossed out a large sum of money to Lee last yr, but for 3yrs? and a NT?? That's the type of decision making occurring at 2am after that large gravity bong hit. Carlos Lee 9.5/2Y... Andrew Jones 8.5/2Y... I could go on, but you see where this was going. With my team having more holes than a slice of swiss and knowing it would remain that way for another year, I was beginning to think that my decision to join this league, free or not, was a bad one.

Then I realized, that many other teams were in a similar financial bind with only 2 or 3 teams having more than 20M for the FAB themselves. Most of the other teams had much nicer line-ups, though, meaning slim pickings for the FAB. As I'm perusing through his list of prospects with sleepers so deep their in comas, 4 words came into my mind... 'stop, drop and roll'!! I could fire sale my team and have 100M to dominate the FAB with!! So, I checked my contracts one more time to see if maybe I could just waive a bunch of peeps to get more $ to counter for the few decent contracts I did have. Papelbon 2.5/2y... like that one... BJ Ryan 5.5/2y... not too shabby... any more... anyone... Beuller? Bueller?????? Nope, done. Two clicks and my team was a blank sheet of paper.

Well, the FAB came and went and while I did have the upper hand for the majority of it, there still was not a helluvalot of proven talent out there to grab. So, I need to rename my team to 'Team Sleeper' as those guys are gonna need to carry me this season. I feel a bit like the Twins or the As, except I do have a lot of money and spent most of it... ok scratch that comparison... anywho, my team is mine now and if I go down, at least I know that the lucky fella who inherits it next year won't be writing a blog about whether or not fires are good or bad!

Stop, drop and rolllllllllllll!!!

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