Sunday, March 4, 2007

Assessing (and renaming) The MADISON MUCKDOGS 2

I'm taking over the helm of the Madison Muckdogs 2. I think I'll be changing that. A little rebranding to take the bitterness of last year's second-to-last in the Ruth Conference finish out of the fan's mouths. So with a wave of the magic pixels, I now christen thee...

The Blackland Bees

There we are. Much better now. And hey, at least the team didn't have some lame, over-used pun or weak double-entendre for a name before. Seriously, why do people do that? This may be fantasy baseball, but it's still baseball - a noble game that deserves better than that sort of silliness. OK, I'll stop ranting and get on with the show.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go? That Is, Firesale Or No?

OK, so now that the single most important thing about my team superfluous name issue has been fixed, it's time to look at what really matters: the players I'm stuck with from last year...

Ichiro. David Wright. Chase Utley. Michael Young. Dan Haren. JoeNathan. All very positive indeed. Plus, there's only 2 from the Yankees, 1 from the Red Sox and no giant contract to the potentially-indicted San Francisco Left Fielder or the maybe-so/maybe-no Rocket Clemens.

That means, I think I'll keep my contracts and leave the firesalin' to someone else. Which is good, because I really want to try to build this team from where they stood last year.

On Deck: Stadium Changes and Tradin' Away Yankees

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