Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Best Week Ever

If I've learned anything over the last decade it is don't be a menace to South Central while drinking your juice in the hood and don't allow your friend to run your gamedayritual team during the FAB while you are on vacation. Believe me I know, these two things lead to gunshot wounds and not having a first baseman, respectively.
Anyway, the FAB started and I put out some large offers. 15 3 yrs NT for Santana, 11.5 3 yrs NT for Reyes, and 11 3 yrs NT for Crawford. I got yellow on all three but I got all three. I had a feeling that the core was nice, and I was set the rest of the way. Over the next few days i picked up chone figgins at 6.5 2 years, Dave Bush at 6.5 3 years (i really like him), Mike Mussina at 4.5 for 3 years, Eric Chavez at 3.5 for 3 years (Yeah he sucks I know), and Joe Nathan at 8 for 3 years. Then I had to go to Florida for a spring training trip with my brother and Dad. I left my team in the hands of my friend Tommy, because he had the best gameday record last year of all my friends. Worst mistake of my life.
After a fun 3 days highlighted by my brother throwing up out the window on the highway and some crazy lady from Cleveland screaming "Who's NOT ON FIRST" everytime Dodgers shortstop Ching Lung Hu got out (I swear it seemed like he went 0-17), I returned at 12:04 in the morning to see my team in shambles.
To begin with, my relief corps consisted of Joe Nathan, Duanar Sanchez, and JUAN CRUZ AS MY MIDDLE RELIEF PITCHER. My second basemen was the grossly overrated Marcus GilesAlso, my first basemen were Nick Johnson and Phil Nevin. I would have been set if Nick Johnson could walk or somehow Phil Nevin magically stopped being old and horrible. Unfortunately that is never going to happen. So in about 3 minutes i pored over the free agent list and managed to find a reliable 5th/spot starter in Cliff Lee (when he gets off the DL), my Middle Reliever in Aaron Heilman at 3.5, and my second baseman in Ray Durham at 3. As of now, I have no one to play first base, because I released Johnson and Nevin to sign those three players. Basically, I reached at every position, and my team is probably gonna be really bad. However, I do have the best outfielder, starting pitcher, relief pitcher, and shortstop, so my team could do some damage.
Something else that is interesting, in my league with my friends (including the infamous Tommy), the salaries of players are reaching heights previously unheard of. Though the first wave of the FAB is not over there are rumors that Pujols may go for 20 mill, Johan for 17, Webb for 15, Hamels for over 10 (??????), anyway the point is, the three people who had ever played gameday (including myself and ...TOMMY) must have told so many horror stories about how we underbid for every player to start off our last FAB that now every one is sending the prices of people like Jermaine Dye (pretty sure hes going for about 12) through the roof, just something to wathch out for whenever new people are involved in a league.

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