Sunday, March 18, 2007


I did not get a chance to comment on the Blackout period during the Ruth’s FAB, because of a lack of funds going into the FAB the Pugs were not a major player. Since then one of my other leagues has started a FAB with the Blackout option I can comment now. After the first day, I like the option. Of course it means that I might get locked out during the black out period, but the way I bid - I try not to get into bidding wars so I rarely make last minute bids – I already made up my mind on a player to chase or shift the focus to another one. I plan my bids based on years and cash remaining. In this league it was nice to come back and see black all over the place which told me those bids that I knew I was ahead on were mine or those that were red and I lost, thus I could plan the next set of bids based on that information. I did not like having to wait on players with yellow to announce who they signed with. I like the black, because it is more realistic and keeps sneaks at bay – I rarely snipe and only do so when I’m desperate at toward the end of the Fab, because I’ve been shut out of a position and must get someone above average for that position. Blackout also affects those owners that like to over bid on players and then reduce or rescind their bids at the last minute.

What would make this rule very good is if instead of player going into a blackout period for up to 6 hours that they actually sign – this would be more realistic and would continue to force owners to be general managers. They would have to make their offers up front during the initial 18 hours not at the last minute. But having to wait 6 hours to find out if your yellow is a good bid or not is not good – if the player has made a decision at the 18 hour point then let him sign so that the owners that lost out can re-work their other offerings to the remaining players.

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