Sunday, March 4, 2007

Clean slate or bad contracts?

Taking over the former TigerHawks, I find myself with an immediate tough call - wipe the slate clean, or keep some bad contracts & maintain control of high-priced studs like Santana & Zambrano? There are probably 3 contracts on this team that I actually like, young guys with upside who are signed cheap, and 4 contracts that I pretty much hate.

I mean really, I can't think of a league where someone would pay $5.5M for Randy Winn, even pre-season last year when he was leading off for the G's, $5.5M is a lot to pay. Hermida at $7M for two more years is also too much. Great prospect, but I paid $3M for him last year in 1 league and thought it was a lot. He may bounce back this year, but he's in a pitcher park & I don't see him putting up 3.2 fpg anytime soon.

Checking out the $$ already committed by other clubs, it seems pretty clear there were some major bidding wars last year. In the end, it makes my choice pretty easy - clean slate it is! I think you'll see a new name on my club soon that should reflect that....good luck all!

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gamedaygeorge said...

Hey QKsilver, don't forget to tag your posts so we know which team/league you are. I've added the ruth tag, but not sure if you decided to change the name of your squad. You should be able to edit the post and add a tag.