Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Clemente conference - First wave complete

It's actually the morning of Day 3 of the FAB prior to kickoff. A few observations thus far.

I injected young guys with upside the first day. A couple may have been reaches as the crowd wasn't very interested in them. In particular, Corey Hart did not get any more bids. I got all 5 I injected, most importantly Hanley Ramirez at $7.5M 3 yr NT. I like Rich Hill for 3 yr at $3.5M.

I picked up San Fran's young ace in waiting for 2 yrs at $5.5M. Just missed out on John Smoltz for a steal at $5.5M for 2 yrs. I had the same amount bid. Good bargain Carrs!

Another owner got Beltran for $7M 3 yr NT - well done!

Day 2s offers will be important. Lots of great players up for grabs. Good luck to all, except my opponents of course.

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