Sunday, March 18, 2007

Clemente FAB completed, or is it?

The Clemente FAB has not gone without a few unique events. Specifically, the strategy of paying enormous sums to a few select players (Carpenter, Wright, Howard, Utley) then after realizing he grossly mismanaged the budget the manager decides to capitulate his entire team!

My strategy involved attaining youth at low prices and fitting them in long term contracts. I am concerned about youthful hitting taking longer to establish, therefore I paid up for pitching. My starting staff includes:

1) Peavy
2) Bonderman
3) Willis
4) Dice-K
5) Vazquez

Ideally my staff will carry until Delmon Young, Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Drew, Ian Kinsler, Adrian Gonzalez, and Jeremy Hermida take off (if they ever do).

Historically relievers are volatile and the only thing consistent is uncertainty. I try to avoid multi-year contracts and big paychecks. I budgeted 10% of my cash to the pen, but spent 11.5%. I took a leap of faith betting Lidge will bounce after his terrible season a year ago.

At least if this team fails, next seasons manager will have a compilation of youth with reasonable contracts.

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