Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Ok, I'll admit it. I was a vulture. My first year in gameday, I spent the last couple of rounds sabotaging my GM rating. I got it just high enough to see who the bidders were, assess what their bids were likely to be, and make a last minute demand the player would have to take. I turned quite a few 1 year .5 mil contracts into 3 year .5 mil contracts in the last rounds. My minor leagues got started six months early. So I figured why not try this strategy again in the Champions league. Ha. Oh, how naive. By the fourth round, I had plenty of money but precious few years. Oops!
Then I noticed Matt Garza had been waived at 3 years 2 mil per by one of the other teams. At first, I assumed a career ending injury must have suddenly befallen him and the owner was trying to save the cash for FAB. Soon more players with 3 year contracts joined him and Garza ended up getting claimed by another owner. It was only then that I realized what was going on. I wasn't the only one out of years. They were stealing years back by waiving players. Risky, but potentially year saving. I had one bad contract I was willing to take the risk on and another that became superfluous after a winning bid on another SS later in the same round. I'd wait until that last round, waive both, and reclaim them after the draft where the years wouldn't hurt me for this year. What luck! Both players were claimed. No bad contract, no over-payed backup SS. Oh, and somehow I wound up with Garza to boot as he was waived again.

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