Monday, March 12, 2007

Day 2 brings the First Signings

What an interesting day! The cash was flying all over the place. Here are some of the signings:
First was Kinsler 2B @$3.5/3Y; Cole Hamels SP @$5.0/3Y; Colon SP @ $4.5/1Y; Harang SP @ $8.5/2Y; Verlander SP @ $7.5/3Y; Burnett SP @ $5.5/1Y; C. Lee OF @ $9.0/2Y NT; R Martin C @ $3.0/3Y; Papelbon RP @ $6.0/3Y; Kendrick 1B @ $5.5/3Y; Piazza C @ $3.5/2Y; Garza SP @ $4.5/3Y; Fielder 1B @ $4.5/3Y; Lee 1B @ $6.0/1Y; Ryan RP @ $8.0/2Y; A Jones OF @ $5.5/2Y; Hermida OF @ $4.0/2Y; Jered Weaver @ $6.0/3Y; Matt Capps @ $1.5/1Y; Cla Meredith @ $2.5M/2Y. As you can Pitchers were being had at a premium. Only time will tell of some of these guys were bargains or over priced. The Good news is that left over money among all the times tighten up considerably -- only 3 teams have $20M or more while the rest of us are at $10M or less.

As to the Pugs we got 4 good cheap players to fill bench holes: Johnny Gomes OF 1M/2Y; Kazuo Matsui 2B .5/3Y; Rod Barajas C .5/3Y; Josh Bard C .5/3Y. There is some good potential here, but I filled my bench in well. Now on day two I tried to consider the number of years I had left and got bids in on seven players, of which I'm in a good position for four of them. In the process I have seen quite a few of my sleeper SPs get snag, but that is an inherent problem that comes when you do a FAB without a lot of $$ -- now if I had the years and dollars then it would take some consideration to see what could be snagged back with the right bid.

Right now if I get those four I'm going to be out of phase 3 since I won't have any more years left but If it works I'll have a couple of RPs which is what I needed. If not then tomorrow night I'll see who went out and try to snag one or two. But that will finish up the FAB and then it will be FA time and I'll have to fill in the SP.

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