Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Don't Strike Out.... Double Your Pleasure

Before I get to today's interesting and rather strange results in the Mantle Conference, I think it's worth mentioning that GDR has a unique scoring system. This isn't your father's 4x4 rotis league. For that reason, you need to look closely at the stats, and you're very likely to find some great bargains that will perform as well or better than the big names. Let's take a look at a couple of players projections from a rotis point of view:

Player 1 - 34 HRs, 124 RBIs, 118 runs, 14 SB, .297 BA
Player 2 - 27 HRs, 101 RBIs, 110 runs, 7 SB, .301 BA

In a regular fantasy draft, I'm taking player number 1 every time. But this isn't rotis, so let's take a look at some of the secondary numbers:

Player 1 - 27 doubles, 145 Ks, 24 GIDP
Player 2 - 51 doubles, 72 Ks, 11 GIDP

When you add it all up, player 2 is projected to outperform player 1. I'm willing to bet he went for far less in your draft than player 1. ARod or Rolen. Rolen is at the very least going to be a better value, and has a pretty decent chance to outperform A Rod straight up. Pay attention to the scoring system.

Two of the new rules came into play today to pretty much ruin the final day of signings in the Mantle Conference. Well, ruin them for me, anyway. I was looking at signing four or five players today, having a couple million left to add to the new FA money, and a pretty full roster of starters. When I logged on this morning, I found that everyone, and I mean everyone, had turned red. I quickly went to counter offer a couple of the key guys. BLACKOUT!! Yep, never got a chance to put in a second bid, and they were gone. A futile and misguided attempt to grab a couple of other players resulted in ten losing bids. Which of course means -10 to the GM rating. I was saved by a late rescind, signed one guy, and lost the rest. Not well played, as I didn't give enough consideration to the blackout rule.

It was difficult for everyone to fill rosters, due to the hording of cheap players by a couple of teams, and the fact that the FAB was only three rounds. It's a made scramble now in the FA pool, as I went in with 21 million, and several other owners were in the same boat. Probably not the best situation, but we've all got to live with it.

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