Sunday, March 11, 2007

FAB Day 1 ends

The first of four days of the Ruth FAB has come to an end. Long day for the Pugs -- having only 8M I could only sit back and hope I it will pick up the next few days -- I'm not in much of position to fight over players. I had 23 players set in the Que and 18 of them got first offers today -- It's hard trying to find that gem when you are up against so many good owners. The GM rating is going to take a hard hit, but I still should be above 50 pts when the signings take place. We'll see what happens -- many times other owners will back out of the bids and I might end up with one or two of them. I can still make offers on 6 of them will go over what I need to do. Good thing is I'm sitting well with hitters and just need another starting C, 2B and a DH.

Now pitching is a concern, I need to get about 7 good SP/RP to go with the core of players I have. With out a lot of $$ I'll have to decide if I want to raise a bid, but I think that will depend upon how many teams are in the running. With luck I'll walk out with 3 players -- right now they won't be pitchers but we'll see what happens with the O&M offering tomorrow. Expect me to set up only 10 players and then allow the computer to do the first offers. Day three may be the day to come back with bargains if a number of the owners have spent their $$ -- hoping for a bidding war among the other owners. Also we'll see the effect of the FAB Blackout has on snipers trying to make last minute bids.

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