Tuesday, March 13, 2007

FAB Day 1, Oh boy!!!!

I assume from some of the e-mails and posting i've seen on the league page that i'm more fortunate than some of the other owners. I have access throughout the day to GDR.
At about 10:30 EST Monday March 12th I took a hard look at my team planner and believed at that time I was ready for what was about to happen............ the FAB.
At 11:01am I realized no matter how much I prepared it was not enough.
Who would have thought C. Hart Mil OF would be the first player offered. Who is this guy? I asked.
Then comes A Pujois. My original offer was 13m 3Y NT. I thought to myself wow, i'm spending a lot of money. I felt like Steinbrenner. It wasn't enough. Albert turned to me and said "get real". My offer lit up as red as a whore house light bulb.
Right then I decided I wasn't going to let any more grease drip off this bacon and revisited my team planner. I adjusted offers to who I felt were keys to my success.
All of a sudden out of nowhere Mike Cameron is offered. "He's still playing?" were the words out of my mouth. Okay sanity check............ these guys can't be serious.
Then it hit me..... it was like a poker game and no one wanted to show their hand. The next 3 players offered were what you would have expected......... Hamels, Reyes, Utley, etc. but the results were the same... yellow, yellow, yellow.
With some minor adjustments last night I believe my bids are competitive. Only time will tell. I sit here at 9:33am and wonder which of those players colored yellow will really make it to my roster.
As one GM said in a league posting he's never seen so much color on a draft board before.
Good luck to all.

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