Thursday, March 15, 2007

FAB Day 4

Wow has this been an experience. I tihnk I went into this FAB a little cockier than I should have. The reason for my confidence was last year's draft, team and results.
Nethertheless, I went in with a strategy. My goal was to bid on and secure some of the game's biggest hitters and to piece together a pitching rotation.
Well, my competition made sure that wasn't going to happen. Most of the hitters I had bid on were not willing to sign with me at the price I felt was fair. So I realized late in the day that I had to accept the fact that I needed to increase my bids or settle for players of lesser talent. Which I wasn't willing to do. My winning bids were...........
R Howard 15.5m 3Y
D Wright 10.5m 3Y NT
C Utley 10.5m 3Y NT
Yes I spent a lot of money on my team's core group. Now I still had to make a decision whether or not to look for bargains in the ranks of the hitters or redirect my attention to pitching. Since pitching wasn't getting as much attention I filled out my staff with the following group of aces..........
Carpenter 13m 3Y
Halladay 10m 3Y
Hamels 7m 3Y NT
Wang 7m 3Y
Weaver 5.5m 3Y
My bullpen is also very strong but left myself with little to fill out my open positions. So once again I changed my strategy and the latter part of day 2 was dedicated to finding bargains in a starting role or setting up my back ups. I'm still hoping with pennies in my pocket that I can find a few diamonds.
My other optons are to trade away one of my starters for a solid performer.
I'll keep you posted.

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