Monday, March 12, 2007

Fantasy Hall of Fame open for business again

After winning the Fantasy Hall of Fame league in 2005, I was invited to the Mays Conference league for 2006, and thus dubbed my team name Fantasy Hall of Fame. By finishing 3rd in the Mays Conference last year (2006) I was able to return again for a chance to avenge my playoff loss and hopefully take the title in 2007. It is going to be tough as the group of owners was good last year and some fresh faces are in play for this year.

After extending some contracts I was left with only $17M to spend on the FAB this year, and I am going to need to buy almost a whole new infield and bullpen with that money. Not going to be easy. The good thing is most of the other teams are set as well and there are about 5 teams with even less money to spend then me, however there are also about 5 teams that Firesaled and will be able to outbid us penny pinchers on anyone they want.

In attempts to free up some money for the FAB I made a few trade offers, none of which got accepted, and I received a few offers, none of which I was interested in accepting.... so $17M it is, for now anyway.

Trying to be very frugal in wave 1, I was able to add some bullpen help with potential in Matt Capps and Mike MacDougal both for $1M/1yr. I also stumbled into minimum deals for Jaret Wright and Edwin Encarnacion for $0.5M/1yr each. I had some very near misses on LoDuca, Piazza, and Tadahito Iguchi, but the big score for me in wave 1 was locking up Adam Wainwright for 3 yrs at the cost of $4M per. This guy came into his own at the end of last year and in the playoffs and now has moved back to the rotation and will hopefully be a top SP for me for the next few years. I am expecting a breakout year as a starter from Wainwright this year (as long as Isringhausen stays healthy), even if many magazines don't agree with me and rank plenty of other guys higher.

Just as a footnote this league uses the new 2007 rule of the Black Out period, which I am not a big fan of as I dont have constant access and at times want to get back to a player to potentially adjust my offer and.... what do you know he is in the black and I am too late. I guess it prevents sniping just before a player signs, but I never had too much of a problem with that. Now that the penalties for late offers are stiff, if someone wants a player bad enough that they are willing to take a big GMR hit to get him by sniping then all the power to them.

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