Saturday, March 10, 2007

The First Sign of Spring

My body aches as I wake up from yet another winter hibernation. It seems every winter is longer than the last. How many more days until spring? This particular morning however brings with it a ray of hope in the form of a baseball box score in the morning paper. Oh that feels good, somehow that day is a little bit warmer and the sun stays out longer than it used to. I may even go wash my car so I can remember what color it actually is under all that muck that has hidden it for the winter. Not only is the day brighter but I seem to be brighter too. A little more spring in my step, a smile greets each person I see that day. My coffee taste better, the air smells fresh and new, and the harshness of winter doesn't seem to have the same bite as it did the day before. The end is in sight and a new season is upon us! Somehow grown men playing a kids game in the sunshine of Florida and Arizona spreads a warmth that can reach even the coldest of places. The sounds of the crowd, the crack of the bat, the smell of the grass that is so green it looks like an artist painted it on the field. All my senses have awoken from their winters nap and the hope of spring stirs within me. Ah yes, the grand old game is back and so am I.

Play ball boys, play ball....

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