Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Four Days to FAB

The league is full and the owners are hard at work putting their teams together. It looks like no one is going to do the Firesale so without a lot of new blood going into the pool it only made sense to keep the this team than start from scratch. None of the top 40 players appeared to be available -- the risk was not worth the chance since several other owners had at least $40 M left to spend. So Jason Schmidt was activated for 2 years at $7M -- a steal for a top 10 pitcher and then activated H. Ramirez to fill the SS role in case Crosby does not find his form -- again 1 year for $2M was a bargain. Then went to my minors and signed D. Pedroia to 3 years for 500K to fill my hole at 2B. Now lets see if i can make a couple of minor trades to fill some holes on the bench or for RP. Even without a trade I have to now figure out how to work this FAB with only $18M (out of $110M) so bargains will be the name of the game. I'll talk about my tactics after the first day. Good luck all

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