Monday, March 12, 2007

Half done is well begun

So, here in the Ruth Conference, we're only doing a 3-day FAB. And that means we're essentially halfway done, now that the offers for wave two are in. From where I stand, I'm doing ok. My two main plans were to (a) snag quality position players for first base, catcher and at least one outfield spot, and (b) fill in some relievers & starters.

I'm batting .500, having hauled in Prince Fielder (4.5M/3yrs), Russell Martin (3M/3yrs) and Chris B. Young (4M/3yrs). These guys should do a fine job of rounding out my offense for this year. And they should certainly help the guy who gets this team next year break .500...

Meanwhile, my mound dreams were thwarted by other GMs who had just a little more money or a little better GM rating. The super MR I'd id'd (Pat Neshek) signed with one of my worthy opponents over me even though we had the same offer - a sad result of my GM rating sucking due to the previous owner of the team. If only the players would realize I'm the new guy... Hey, how about that as an option in the future, GDR guys? A new GM who takes over an existing team gets to start at 50 rather than being stuck with the old GMs rating?

The starters I targeted simply went for more money that I could spare at this point, despite some strategic waiver action (which certainly didn't help the GM rating, either). All in all, though, I landed the offense I wanted, which should help a great deal. Now I just need to fill in the pitching side with what's still available and hope that the PECOTA projections don't steer me wrong.

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