Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hey, who turned out the lights?

Ah, the fabulous new Blackout option. I love it, I hate it. I love it, I hate it. Seriously, I'm mixed on this thing.

I mean, it's nice when you can see that you've got the Green and Black and you can rest easy knowing that the player in question is as good as signed. But being Yellow and Black is, well, unnerving. There's a certain charm in being able to relax and know it's entirely out of your hands to change the situation, but it's still unsettling not to be able to dive in and make a change to your offer.

The worst thing, though, is what happened to me last night. I went to bed with a Green 2 on a player whom I'm counting on, feeling good that I could counter any overnight offers from my noble competition, only to wake up and find myself blacked out and now sitting in Yellow land on this guy. That, my friends, sucks.

So, I'd like to make a suggestion to the overworked and underpaid GDR staff. If one has a Green box offer out there that gets bumped down to Yellow or Red and then gets blacked out, how about a chance to respond? To keep this from escalating into a never-ending spiral of "but I had the best offer and then he stole it from me!" I'd suggest that only a GM with a Green 2 get this sort of Brownout option when bumped down before the Blackout period.

I suppose this isn't terribly different from complaints I heard last year regarding getting hit with a GM Rating penalty if you had to make a new offer in the "danger zone" after having been bumped by a sniper when you previously had the best offer. It's basically the same thing - the concept that a Green-2 ought to give you some extra leverage with a player. That is, why should a GM who has made an attractive, earnest offer to a player be penalized for trying to fend off the snipers?

I know this sort of thing is tough to deal within the game's rules - let alone in the code - but it can't hurt to make the suggestion.


Brian, Dawgs of the Ruth Legaue said...

Good suggestion. This happened to me twice during the FAB, although I may have done something similar submitting a 10:30 pm pst bid to Harang.

Blackland GM said...

Yeah, it was a maddening thing to deal with. I hope the GDR crew is listening :)