Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hoarding and the FAB

Well, the FAB is complete in the Mantle Conference, and I am relatively happy with my team. Being one of the three owners who exercised the firesale option, I obviously had a lot of money to throw around. I think I did make a tactical error in undervaluing how much the few available "top name" players would go for, as I lost out on guys like Crawford, Webb, and Halliday. However, I was pleased with the quality and number of pitchers I ended up with, plus I'm always happy when I can get a guy like Miggy Cabrera.

I have been reading the other posts here and noticed the discussion re: "hoarding" players. As can be evidenced by the number of players I got during the FAB, it is evident I follow the "more is better" philosophy. I certainly understand Gryphons' point that you don't get points from your bench guys...however, it is a long season and I believe my extra pitchers will prove useful down the road, whether due to injuries or as trade bait. Speaking of trade bait, I'm always willing to discuss offers. I've already made one but haven't heard back; however, I will keep trying. :)

And while I'm posting, let me second the thoughts of those other owners not happy with the blackout option. Unless the blackout is scheduled to begin only when the player is in the final 10% of their time on the FAB, it is an entirely unfair, inequitable, and misguided process. The reasons for this have already been stated by several other owners, so I'll spare the space of discussing it here. I hope this rule is gone by next year.

In any event, send em some trade offers and let's get this league really moving! :)

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