Monday, March 12, 2007

In the middle of an FAB

Luckily, I was given the privilege of participating in a Champion's League. My team, Chicago Cougars, is in the Mays League. I inherited a team with some very high priced players and cut where I could. I was left with 9.8 million for the entire FAB with the following holes:

OF (1 or 2)
SP (1)

I did not do a firesale because the pool of superstars was not that great. I wanted to keep the ones I had.

After Day 1

I acquired Freddy Sanchez for 3.5 mil / 2 years so give me versatility and fill the SS hole. I am currently working on getting a blue chip outfielder.

I have Brad Lidge an attempting to pick up Dan Wheeler who could take over for Lidge as insurance.

Basically, I have to sit and wait for some bargains in Wave 3 and adapt. That is it so far with the 24 hour signing rule it goes SLOW...


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