Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kevin Millwood is a pain in the you know what!

After taking time to fully digest the team I was given, I must say I am quite happy with how I am shaping out offensively (see my first post for more info on that). The extensions however, were a bit of headache.

I came into the league with the second most amount of cash to blow during the FAB process, however, after extending Bonds for $6 mil, I quickly lost that title. After a few of the other teams offered extensions I was back on top, even after deciding to give the perennially disappointing Pinero a $1.5 mil extension with the hope he finds a productive role in the Sox pen. Then it happened, one owner decided on a FireSale. My current payroll is at $59.8 million, good for the second amount of cash, but of course well behind the owner with $100 mil in his back pocket. While my offense is pretty much set, I only have one SP.

K. Millwood could have been extended for $5 mil. This would give me two starting pitchers, neither of which (Randy Johnson is my other) would exactly warm the cockles of an owners heart. With a limited amount of quality arms to go around in the FAB (and my guess they will be highly coveted) I was faced with the dilemma of deciding to extend Millwood, who pitches in a bandbox and gets a few runs through the nightmare that is the Al East, or take my chances to luck out building a staff through the FAB, and still have enough left over to sign all important backups.

These are the decisions that can seal an owners fate. Championship? .500 and another year? Or a team with a fatal flaw Shakespeare would be happy to design a tragedy around. I am of course assuming he would be huge baseball fan, and since we have no evidence to the contrary, lets just say he would be. In the end I am chucking Mr. Millwood back to the wolves and taking what I can only hope is my above average skill set into the FAB. In just a little over three days I will let you know. If you are in the Ruth league, you never read this...

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