Friday, March 9, 2007


To all my fellow owners welcome!

Gamedayritual is the best fantasy format I have ever played. The free agency blitz adds another dimension to draft preparation that is unparalled. I've always had difficulty with legacy leagues due to the fact the owners were not invested in their players. From my first year 2006 to this year, we had 11 of 12 owners return. Though I won in year one, my pre-draft rankings have me fourth best! Talk about competitive.

This new league, Koufax, is the largest I have ever competed in and I am licking my chops. I can't wait until the last round of picking up unproven rookies and utility players to fill the void. However, one option I absolutely do not like is this new "blackout" option. For those owners who do not have the luxury of time, (especially considering the draft will be during the week) the proposition that the player in not available 100% of the time makes projections all the more difficult. Last year, a busy owner could sit down for an hour once a day and digest the data. Blackouts will remove a great deal of that flexibility. The "sniping" element seems over-stated. Penalties were in place for last minute bids. What's wrong with that? The players union would never allow such a blatant attempt to limit competition :)

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