Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mays Conference FAB

We're 3/4 through our 2nd round (of 3) of the FAB. Some random musings:

* filling an expansion team (since I used Firesale that's what I have) with talent in 3 rounds is harder than I thought. I was beaten out by $0.5-$1M for every 1st-class player in our 1st round signings yesterday. Cabrera, Wright, Webb, Wells - all of them took an offer just a tiny bit better than mine. I signed good, not top talent: Thome and Helton. Plus some good young pitching - Hamels, James, Olsen, Maine. Overall the prices were higher than I anticipated, with the highest being a very rich $17.5/3/NT for Santana. He's a super pitcher but that's very high. Wonder what he's going for in other leagues?

* I completely fail to understand why I didn't sign Furcal. With a couple of minutes left for him to sign I had the best bid on the board with a $7.5/3 offer - and a 100 GM rating. He signed for that exact offer - but not with me. Going to write the GDR wizards and ask why.

* 2nd round has gone better - I hope. I signed a lot of good talent so far - Rivera, Uggla, Cuddyer, Matthews, Cabrera, Arroyo and Otsuka. I have a good team - but probably lack too much to make a run at the top. My OF in particular is lacking. And I've signed a lot of good but question mark players like Arroyo, Matthews, Hamels and Maine. Plus I set my stadium for hitting and it looks like pitching will be my strength.

* Still a little over a round left - hope my last few offers get taken to round out my club.

All in all an interesting experience so far.

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