Sunday, March 11, 2007

FAB Kickoff leads to quite a few BRZs

As anticipated, very few bargains to be had in a league with veteran owners. It's going to be critical to prioritize as we get further into the FAB. I feel pretty good about some of my bids, surprised that I underestimated Zumaya's price (resulting in a quick BRZ), and very curious to see how the rest will turn out.

Made one trade, giving up significant cap space ($9M) in return for locking in a decent OF in JD Drew & a secondary closer in B Fuentes. In regular leagues I think that'd be a lot to give up for those guys, whose price tags usually run $4-5M for Drew & $2-3M for Fuentes, but in this league I think the value is about right. I think I scouted well in finding a trade partner here. The guy I traded with had very little $$ going in to FAB, had some extra hitters & RPs, and needed the cash to bid on top SPs, of which there are several available (Zambrano, Santana, etc). Cash is king in FAB so the offer of $2M & contract relief was enough to get the deal done.

There is a definite learning curve for the rooks in this league I think, so hopefully I can avoid more than 1-2 more BRZs the rest of the FAB & put my money on the right players.

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