Saturday, March 24, 2007

NT's and Bid Calculators

I have now participated in more FAB's and have learned the true value of NT's - it's a bit like a work role play I once took part in, which involved planning a journey across a desert - you believe that water will be the commodity most required but it was really food, and in the FAB its not so much money as years and NT's that can gain a real advantage.

The use of the bid calculator takes a lot of the 'guesswork' out of offers, making it all a bit mathematical - maybe this should be only made randomly available to bring some of the 'unknown' elements back into the FAB

Just thoughts - but I wish the Champion's League draft was now and not the first one I took part in this year.



Russell said...

I can't agree with that conclusion. Maybe it's just irritation that I lost the guy, but Joe Nauhan (32, so not what I would call young by baseball standards) chose a 1-year 5.5M contract over my 2-year, 5.5M/year offer. Years, don't necessarily matter then...

Concerned owner..... said...

I totally agree with the first post here. Using a Bid Calculator gives takes the mistique away from the old GDR game. That was what made the game so realistic in that owners had to figure out what a player wanted during the bid process and not before he even placed a bid. If the game is going to tell owners how to bid, then what is the point in having a blind bid process like the FAB? I would much prefer that no bid calculator be offered until after the "first" bid is placed from each owner. I could see the player giving feedback then, but not before a bid is even placed. Just my 2 cents, but the FAB wasn't near as fun with the bid calculator this season. BTW, this is my 3rd season and I play in 5 leagues including one of the Champion's Leagues so I have plenty of experience in the FAB's.