Monday, March 12, 2007

Oh the horror that was Day 1...

What a brutal day.

16 owners, 1.6 billion dollars to spend. 80 players OTM, welcome to Signing Day 1.

I knew going in this would be a challenge, but I highly underestimated the effect of the new GM Ratings modifications. In case you don't know about the rule changes, this year besides the normal penalties for placing a bid in a player's last 10% of OTM availability, lowering a qualifying offer (btw, the Bid Calculator tool rocks), or rescinding an offer, Gameday Ritual has added some new twists. Now, for every player you do not sign, you get a -1 GM point. (This is in addition to the previously mentioned rules) and for every player you do sign, you get an additional +2 GM points.

So, if I place an offer on a certain hotshot center fielder who happens to play for the Cleveland Indians (10m/3/NT) and another owner places an offer that beats mine (14m/3/NT), my Big Red Zero (BRZ) just cost me a -1 GM point. Meanwhile, my competitor gets +2 for the insanely high and inflated bid, and +2 for the signing of the player. That is a 5 point swing on just one transaction. (btw, I am not bitter, not bitter at all.. 14M? really?)

I know, I know it should even out. If I could sign some players. So, here is the horror of my day.

80 players on the market
22 players not signed ( a few of these were looking for bargains, some I am still scratching my head on..)
3 Players signed

But it gets worse. Have you ever butted heads with another owner(s) who seem to be thinking the same as you... same player targets, same dollar amounts. I found mine today. Lets just say that tomorrow I don't want the monkey on my back.

Tie #1
Signing Gorillas Jeter, D. NYA SS 5 41 3.5 $3.0M $9.0M/3Y $9.0M/3Y 29.48 29.48

Tie #2
Signing Gorillas Hafner, T. CLE 1B 504 3.9 $3.0M $10.5M/3Y/NT $10.5M/3Y/NT
42.51 41.85

Technically, the second one wasn't a tie, but did the previous tie push his GM rating just high enough to win the second as well? I will never know and my wife still thinks I am insane for putting this much time and effort into a make believe game that relies on stats from real players that.. anyway I digress.

Tie #3
Signing Blight Garza, M. MIN SP 65 6.5 $0.5M $2.0M/3Y $2.0M/3Y 5.54 5.41

After the third tie, I was done. I didn't even want to finish the day. So, I called a buddy from the league I won last year to cry on his shoulder, ahem I mean share a moment, um no I mean vent my frustrations and his response was,

I can't wait to tell the other owners, they will be ecstatic. Maybe your GM rating will be in the negatives before your finished

Thanks for the support. Thanks a lot. :)

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