Friday, March 9, 2007

One Day to FAB

The day is almost upon us. This will be a different type of FAB than normal. I have 17 players and one of the smallest amounts of $ -- $8M and 18 years left. One player did do the Firesale so there are a few real good players but they will be high priced and there will be a fight for them -- I'm staying a way from the fight and let others spend their $$. My Tactic will be simple over the three days -- I'm going to put out players that I think are going to have a good year but the bids will be low -- (no secret given up that info to my openents -- I would presume that if some one had the same amount of FAB funds as I that they would do the same thing). I'll have a hand full ready to go on the market but not going to worry about the GM points -- this year's rules make it hard to get to a 100 quickly, so I'm not going to worry about it. I'll going to put into the que the guys I want and then set up the autobid to put players on the market with no bid if the que is done. Where it makes sense I'll put in for multi year contracts. Each evening I'll take count of what happened and decide who to make bids on -- the numbers of bids that I make will depend upon what I think I will have left in years and $$ during the next round. Also unlike last year you will not be able to go over $100M into the extra $10 that you get after the FAB. Oh will be interesting is to see how the new blackout rule works during the FAB -- players will not always sign 24 hours later some in a shorter time period.

If you are doing the FAB with a full $100M I would pick 5 to 8 top target players and prep your bids around those guys and then pick a bunch of cheap guys to fill out the FAB run during the first round -- remember to use the auto bid option of put on the market with no bid or you'll get the computer bidding on players you might not want. Don't fall in love with someone -- you will have a hard time surviving if you put all your money into 4 or 5 guys -- try to 10 folks with the first $45 M then get picky you will find bargains at the end of the FAB and in FA.

I'll give you break down Sunday night after the first day is done.

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