Tuesday, March 6, 2007

One Year Smarter

Last year was my first year on gameday, and I was playing with friends who had had one more year experience. In the first day of FAB, i had no idea what was going on, and walked away with Bill Hall and Garett Atkins. I was chastised as "the worst gameday owner of alltime" and one of the owners went so far as to say "I really want to help you, but I'm glad that I can get a guaranteed win against you." Well, aside from proving them wrong, I also picked up underrated studs such as Jimmy Rollins and Bobby Abreu. Though my starting pitching was fantastically weak (Schilling and Jered Weaver were my only two starters who had a chance of breaking 20 points throughout the season), I managed to stay in the top 2 of my league for most of the season thanks to great trades for Weaver and Carlos Lee as well as the pickups of Joel Zumaya and Freddy Sanchez (.5 M Each).
Looking back, I realize that I got very lucky to win the leauge, because I could have easily signed a different player who didn't pan out or traded a huge package for Chris Shelton.
In my opinion, the key to winning is to always remain calm during the FAB and never overpay for any player, because there will be bargain players who are almost as good as that player. Also, because of the scoring system, it is key to have good pitchers. Any good team should have at least one guy hovering at around 20 PPG, 2 guys at about 15 PPG, and 2 guys at 12 PPG, that makes for a solid rotation. However, good pitching is really about relief pitchers. Last year I was led by Fransisco Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, and Zumaya. These three got me about 50 points per week, and were the key every week to whether I won or lost. After a year of experience, I'm happy to know more about the keys to winning, and have an organized plan, instead of aimlessly putting my team together as I went along.
My team this year is the Angry Cavemen in the Clemente league, and I have no players yet, because it is a new league. Even without any players yet, I'm going to win this league, and I'm quite confident about that.

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