Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pass the Tums.....

Nothing like realizing that like the Yankees, I too will have to rely on Carl Pavano in week 1. Now, this of course was not part of my grand scheme to contend in a Champions league. However, I inherited a team whose previous owner decided Randy Johnson would make a fine Ace. UGH (at least for contract purposes). All this is compounded by the the SP Bonus. I actually believe when RJ comes back, he will be a nice #1, big strikeout potential in the NL. It also allows me to have Harang as my #2, Verlander as my #3, and Pettitte as my #4, and Hudson as my #5. I believe this rotation gives my team a chance to steal points from the SP Bonus. Without Johnson, it is a different story.

Harang can pitch like a #1 due to his strikeout potential, but, I believe the rest of the staff becomes over matched when moved up a slot. Now, the total SP Bonus is 30 points! That's huge! How many games are decided by less during the season? Plus, without the virtual series option, a mis-manged rotation could cost you a few games a season, a playoff berth, and quite possibly an invitation to return.

One strategy would be to slot Pavano or Hudson in the #2 slot. As of now my opponent has King Felix in his two slot, so in all likely hood I would be sacrificing 8 points in order to try and get the majority of the remaining 22. I would then have Verlander vs. Zito, Pettitte vs. Escobar, and Pavano/Hudson vs. J. Francis.

I'll need some time to really think this one through, but at first glance, the SP Bonus could be a real pain in the ass.

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