Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Post-Draft mortem

Ok, I still hate the new rules relating to losing GM points for players you bid on but it is what it is at this point. I came away moderately happy with my draft. My offense should be fine with Julio Lugo leading off, a middle of the order of Miguel Cabrera, Bonds and Dunn and supporting roles played by Michael Barrett, Brad Hawpe and Josh Willingham. I'll need with Mike Jacobs or Prince Fielder to continue to develop. My bullpen should be strong with JJ Putz, Gagne, Broxton and Fernando Cabrerea, assuming Cleveland does not put him back into the closer's role. My big concern is the starting pitching. I like the arms of Haren, Escobar, Patterson, Jared Weaver and Cliff Lee but all except Haren have current or recent injury concerns. I broke a personal guideline of staying away from pitchers who are not #1's on bad teams by taking Jim Shields of Tampa Bay but his peripheral numbers were strong last year and he came recommended from a source I trust. The surprise at the FAB was the price that starting pitchers went for. $7 million/3 years would leave you with nothing but having to move on to the next pitcher. Given the propensity of pitchers to break-down, it was unexpected that so much money would be pourted into so many pitchers, which was different that the 3 other FABs I had taken part in previously.

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