Sunday, March 18, 2007

Post FAB FA and Comments

The initial Post-Fab has concluded. My focus was to fill out the bench with quality players that could step in if some one gets injured or decides to stop hitting. Hitters that were added were: J. Kendall C; H. Blalock 3B; O. Hudson 2B & W. Helms 1B/3B. Pitching wise I picked up some a solid SP and some young arms that might develop this year: K. Rogers SP; Edgar Gonzalez SP/RP; K. Wood RP; & J. Saunders. This gives me 32 players to start the year off and $4.5M left to go though the season with. As an example I jumped on Helms because he’ll have 1B/3B capability and you will find that down the road you’ll need those guys with multi-position eligibility to help make room on the roster when you have players that go on the DL but is not going to get much playing time for the next week or two.
Some things to chew on before the season starts:

Remember in most leagues you are competing against quality owners who are doing the same thing. You have 12 days until the season starts so you need to Keep reading the paper/watching ESPN/researching so you can find that break thru player that will keep you in the running for the championship. That is why there is a little cash left over after the FAB, although I would prefer to have 35 players it allows me the flexibility to fill holes when need be.

For those of you still in the FAB keep an eye out on all positions that you are going to try to beef up after the FAB, monitor to see who is going to be left – especially after the last round of players have been placed on the O&M. By looking now you can decide if you need to chase them in the last FAB round or wait for the post–FAB FA. Again during the post-FAB FA period don’t get into bidding wars unless you really need to fill the position – of course remember some owners are going to try to get the player but all are trying to drive up the price for a player if they can figure out who is bidding on who. Now some owners will do it if they know who is bidding to just keep a certain player form a rival. As the phrase goes "Don’t show your Cards," because smart owners can figure out how to trip you up, especially if you are a quality owner that is always in the running. Of course they do the same thing in the real MLB.

Don’t be too quick to assign your players – I have learned from experience that you need to wait until the evening before the season starts to assign your players. If you send people to the minors you can bring them back up before week 1, you have to wait for week 2, thus might have a hole in your lineup if you experience a last minute injury.

Stick to your plan – what ever it was going into the FAB should be the same one you use coming out of it. A plan will lay the ground work in developing a competitive team – it might not win the league this year but if you have the better core going into next year build from.

Watch the waiver wire in your leagues. If you got the money you might be able to pick up a player that could help you – many times people are trying to free up money during the season so they can fill other holes. A lot of times they players placed on the waivers are not worth the cost of the contract but some times a few good ones come out. You have to weigh a few things, does the cost of helping your team out weigh the cost of sticking the other team with half the salary. Also consider is this the contract multiple years and what is the age of the player – if a young player is having problems this year but is signed to a cheap 3 year contract it might be worth taking the contract. In my case – during the post FAB of another league I had a whole lot of $$ and filled out the team with a good number of players but needed a good SS back up but also someone that could be a DH – Mike Young SS was available at $8M/1Y NT. He is not the best at SS I have but if he can average 2.7 to 3.0 per week then he could give me a good DH – so I helped out another team by taking on the salary but I felt that the advantage was mine in the long run. Time will tell.

Waiving players is an interesting action this. Use to be you waive them and get ½ the money back but now you take hit on your GM score. I’m still an advocate of keeping the GM rating high. I will waive folks, especially if they are on a 1 year contract and not coming back from a severe injury. Keep in mind if you claim someone and you have the same bid as another team the tie breaker will be your GM rating. But if you are out of $$ or need space on the team to fill in for injuries then waving a player is the way to go.

Trades are going to make or break your run for the title or your core for the future. Right now what trades will help strengthen those week areas on your roster – seems SP was more in demand this year than last during all the FABs I have done. Maybe owners are prepping for trades already. Be a firm but fair trader. If you are that way you will find a trading partner that will come to you first to try out trades. Use the on the trade block section in the front office section to ID what players you or others have available. Remember too, when you are at the all star break and your team is out of it don't be afraid of moving players off your team that will help someone else while bringing a good core of young players back to your team.


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