Monday, March 19, 2007

Post FAB & more

I made one trade before the FAB started giving up Josh Beckett (10M/1) for Mark Prior (9.5M/2). My thinking at the time was to have another starter signed through next season at a similar cost. With the problems Prior is currently having though this may very well be a decision I ultimately regret. So I entered the FAB with 5.5M.

My primary day one target was Chris Burke because of his dual eligibility at 2B and OF filling two roles with one player. I also like his upside given that going in 2 of my starting OF's were Kearns and Granderson. I got Burke for 2M/3 which was below what I was willing to spend.Next I wanted to bolster my relief corps. I got Devern Hansack (1M/2), who I'd read might end up in the closer role in Boston and Mike Capps (.5M/2), who is supposedly next in line for saves in Pittsburgh. Whether that happens or not I like him as a MR or FR. Peter Gammons likes Miguel Montero (.5M/3) so I went after him to backup McCann. Day one's last player was Taylor Tankersley (.5M/2). He's had some arm problems in spring training but seems to be a solid MR or SU at worst.

I entered day two with only .5M left in my budget (even though I wouldn't know yet who I would be signing for sure). I introduced Andrew Miller (DET) and Jonny Gomes with lowball offers and was quickly out of the running for either. I sat out the rest of the day. However, I was still concerned about my outfield.

Early on day three I put Nick Swisher and Milton Bradley on the market with relatively cheap offers. Bradley survived at 1M/2, but I had to go to 4M/3 for Swisher. This meant cutting an expensive contract that no one else would want, taking the GM hit, then picking that player back up the next day. So Prior was on waivers for 24 hours, allowing me to upgrade my outfield during the FAB. Again, do not underestimate the impact this manuever can have for you. Everyone else is running out of money and suddenly you have more available.

The sheer volume of players put on the market immediately after the FAB was overwhelming. I targeted starting pitchers then relievers then sleeper candidates and added Noah Lowry, Randy Wolf, Adam Loewen, Mike MacDougal, Jon Lester, Craig Wilson, Erick Aybar, and Matt Kemp. On a whim I picked up Francisco Liriano. Since I don't really have any players I'm concerned with extending next season, I figure he's worth the 1.5M to have eligible. Low risk, small investment, potential ace reward.

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