Monday, March 19, 2007

Post-FAb tought and strategy


Very happy to come back to this league. I lost in the Championship final last year and i hope to add the missing element to win it all this year.

I only hade 10.5M to spend it the FAB this year and i needed to add a Startin C,3SP, a FR and backup at OF,SS,2B. Lots of player for the amount of money i had! I decided to concentrate on getting the SP and starting C then see how much money i had left.

I signed 4 very promising young pitcher (Bonser 2.5/3, Snell 3/3, Shield 2/3, Nolasco 0.5/2) and a good complement catcher (Pierzynski 3/2). Then i add my OF backup with the money i had left (C.Young 1.5/2). Yes, i know, you're saying thats more than 10.5M, how did you get the money?!? I waived L.Hernandez (4.5M/1) contract to create the cap space and reclaimed him afterward (to be my spot starter).

Still had some position to fill and i filled them in free agency. I signed Duscherer, T.Jones, E.German and B.Zobrist. They're not great player but i think they'll make do and could even surprise.

So after all is said and done, here's the Newbie Rattlesnake lineup for now:

C- Pierzynski (Barajas)
1B- M.Jacobs (C.Kotchman)
2B- C.Utley (E.German)
3B- M.Ensberg (C.Tracy)
SS- C.Guillen (B.Zobrist)
OF- C.Crawford (C.Young)
OF- G.Sizemore (C.Young)
OF- M.Ordonez (C.Young)
DH- J.Lugo (C.Kotchman)

SP- C.Sabathia
SP- R.Johnson
SP- B.Bonser
SP- I.Snell
SP- J.Sowers
SPS- L.Hernandez
MR- S.Linebrink
SU- S.Shields
CLS- H.Street
FR- J.Duscherer


I'd like to get a bit more power (particularly at 1B) and my starting pitchers are quite young. Still, i think i should do well again this year.

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