Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ready to roll

Hi, all. Name's Rob. Rob Hill. New owner of the Fargo Highlife, formerly JoJo's Monkeydogs. I'm excited to compete in this Champion's League and looking forward to a successful year.

As with the rest of the "newbies," my first decision was whether to invoke a Firesale or not. After some thought, I decided to start from scratch. Although my contracts weren't completely burdensome (I mean, at elast I didn't have Hermida at 7 mil like another owner did), it looked like the previous owner had spent a lot of money on some players who did not perform up to expectations, epecially OFs like Coco Crisp and Juan Pierce. I think I can get players of similar caliber at a much cheaper price through a FAB.

Anyway, we'll see how the strategy works out. Only time will tell.

Fargo Highlife

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