Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ruth: Wave 3 and Post-FAB begins

It was a fairly quiet day. Lots of folks looking for bargains on veterans and youth. The Biggest signing was D. Willis SP @ $6.5/1Y; Sanchez 3B @ $3.5/2Y; Igawa RP @ $2/1Y. Other than that it was either signed at minimum or a little above or not signed at all.
3 Teams used all or almost all of their years while the rest ranged from using 27 to 43 years used. As far as cash goes Shizzake has $12 left -- they were the only time to use the firesale option and got a very solid team of 27 players for their $. Now add that $12 with the $10 that everyone gets and they will be force to recon with during the post FAB. One team had $8.8 left and rest has $4.5 or less.

For the pugs we start with a core of 25 players and will go into the post FAB with $12.5 and hopefully an extra $2 based on a trade of J. Varitek C @ $5.5/2Y and Saltalmacchia C (prospect) with $3.5 to get McCormick P (Prospect). I still have 2 very good C prospects and get a strong RP out of the Cardinals organization.

Now with the FAB done you need to fill out your needs and get your bench/minor leagues filled up. Depending on what you have for $$, try to find another starter to fill in behind your primary guy -- most everyone now will go for cheap unless there is bidding war over a young must have guy. Within a few minutes of the FAB ending your FA section of the player activity will be available to review and place players onto the market. When all is done, you will want to have between 35 and 40 folks on your roster -- this will cover you for injuries and slumps.

Now is the period of time that you flesh out your team to set it on the road to the championship.

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