Sunday, March 4, 2007

Burning Down The House

The stadium for the Madison Muckdogs 2 Blackland Bees appeared to be some kind of mutant bandbox Fenway that favored right-handed batters so much that switch-hitter refused to bat left-handed when they played there. Worse still, pitchers found themselves on the short end of the stick in every category, without even a small bump to their Ks as a consolation. All that for a team that was at least partially constructed around Giambi's power, Ichiro's contact and Utley's raw Utleyness.

So, in keeping with my penchant for shaking things up to reflect the change of attitude in the team's front office, I'm burning this mother down and putting up an entirely new stadium in its place. A stadium built for a winner. A stadium that shall be known as "the house that Suzuki built." A stadium named The John O. Wilson Memorial Stadium. You could look it up.

The new stadium will be designed to play a little more evenly for lefties and righties and will be far less of a hitters' paradise. At a somewhat higher elevation and with a retractable roof, balls will still travel well, but pitchers will likely see their K rates improve at least a little, too. Another big change will be a serious increase in home runs from right-handed batters, now that they won't have that weirdly Boston-esque high left field wall to deal with.

The advantage of this new stadium design will be increased output from Ichiro and Utley from the left side of the plate and an opportunity for the Bees' right-handed power hitters (both existing and to be acquired) to shine.

Trade Days Are Here

While not partaking of the fire sale option, I do have some folks on my roster that I'd rather be rid of, mostly for personal reasons. I'm looking to deal one Jason Giambi, whose $3M/2 year deal is a bargain for the right buyer. Mike Timlin and Kyle Farnsworth are also on the block. We'll see if any Yankees fans decide to rid me of this troublesome public apologizer.

On Deck: Fixin' A Hole

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