Thursday, March 22, 2007

A study in contrasts

The Gryphons SPs:

Carpenter, Bush, Kazmir, Vazquez, Garcia, Lilly, Clemens

The Crash Test Dummies SPs:

Matsuzaka, Peavy, F. Hernandez, Hamels, Beckett, J. Shields, Pelfrey, Igawa, Garza

We'll check back periodically and update the two squads' progress.

1 comment:

leehaak said...

Thanks for the lively debate. You've got another solid ally on your side in quicksilver, who I've competed against for several years (and usually lost to). It will be fun. And if I've got a helping of crow coming, I will step up to the plate and swallow hard! It's all good, because it's baseball season!!