Sunday, March 4, 2007

Tips for surviving your first FAB

I'm going through an FAB in a new public league, mainly as an exercise to see how the new rules will affect the FAB process. At first glance, it appears the new rule (-1 GM hit for any player offered but not signed) is about as effective as a CTU perimeter... which is to say, not very effective at all. Irresponsible owners continue to place far too many bids, rescind bids, snipe late in the process, and generally mess up the first couple of waves of the FAB. And it will happen to you as well.With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you get started and survive especially the first couple of waves of the FAB.

Tip number 1 - The 800 pound gorilla.

Ryan Howard and Justin Morneau may be the MVPs in real baseball, but in GDR, the discussion begins and ends with Albert Pujols. The numbers speak for themselves. Even though he missed 20 games last year, Pujols still outscored every offensive player in GDR by at least 45 points. Only 8 guys were within 100 points of him. He scored a half a point a game more than the nearest guy. Yep, lots of folks will disagree with me on his, saying people pay too much. Is he worth paying top dollar for? IMHO, yes. But, you be the judge. For me, 7 GDR leagues, three championships, all of them with Albert Pujols.

Tip number 2 - Let the other guy do the work

You can't bid on everyone, so decide ahead of time who you really want to grab. I usually like to have guys who separate themselves from the pack at their respective positions (think Chase Utley and Albert Pujols). Make sure these guys are in yourfirst offer queue, and make sure you have not a starting, but a top dollar bid for them. Then...... let someone else put them OTM for you. Why? First, the second someone puts them OTM, your bid is placed. If your bid is high enough, you may eliminate almost everyone (or maybe everyone), garner 2 GM points, and effectively end the bidding for that player. At the very worst, you'll know where you stand without wasting a valuable OTM opportunity. Don't underbid. Put your most competitive bid out there. If you see a green 2, you probably won't need place another one. If you bid too low, you're inviting a bidding war.

Tip 3 - Maximize the GM rating.

Put guys OTM that others might not think of. Let others nominate the stars, your goal is to make sure that you maximize your opportunities to pick up GM points. This is your best chance. Someone that might be undervalued or slip through the cracks. Relief pitchers and bottom of the rotation guys are perfect for this. Don't rescind, don't make late bids, don't overextend. Patience is the key. You should be looking at getting around 15 GM points a day. I can't overstate how much money you will save with a good GM rating. Don't throw it away.

I'll have more on this as I continue through the FAB. I paid 17.5 for Pujols. No regrets!

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