Monday, March 5, 2007

To Burn or not To Burn

Have you ever been set up on a blind date? Of course you have. A well meaning friend says he knows "just the perfect girl for you." Of course she has the looks of a supermodel all the while enjoying a great ballgame and a cold beer. In your head, you not only begin to believe this so called "friend," but also begin to to picture what a catch this will be for you. This is how I felt about my new gameday ritual team. Sure, she's single, probably just misunderstood and neglected. I can turn this baby into a winner!

Then in walks Randy Johnson and a $11 million/2 yr contract. WHOA BABY! that's ugly. My first thought is to pretend this never happened, hit the firesale option, and go find (build) my own date. My eyes were then immediately drawn to Brian Roberts and his $8 million salary. For those of you scoring at home that is 20% of my FAB budget to two uninspiring players. I was two steps toward the door.

My hasty response was quickly tempered however. C. Beltran resided on my roster at a $8.5M/2yr bargain! G. Atkins was manning the hot corner at a mind blowing $3.0M/2yr and Teixeira was across the diamond for a pricey, but reasonable $10M/2yr. All of a sudden my date, although not without flaws, was not looking so bad. Then there it was, A. Gordon, prospect du jour, marinating in the minors.

In the end, this team has enough qualities to keep and see if I can turn this baby around. I extended Bonds for $6M/1 yr figuring it would be tough to re-acquire him, or a player of his caliber, any cheaper during the FAB period. R. Furcal is my SS, which gives me a full infield and 4 switch hitters. I currently have the second most cash to spend so I will be quite active in a few days when the FAB period begins. Keep your fingers crossed!

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