Monday, March 26, 2007

Too fast, too furious

I think we had an FAB. I blinked somewhere along the way and missed it. Then again, I had little money so I wasn't going to be that much of an active participant, especially considering two owners in my division opted to go the firesale route. That being said, a 3-day FAB flies!

Unsure about how the GM rating would effect the FAB, I quickly learned the value of making competitive offers from the get go. Let's just say I lost 5 points in the first day. And with other owners having plenty of cash to make whatever first offers they chose, I tucked my tail between my legs and stopped speculating what bids might land a bargain basement price for an established player. It was dumb. I advise against you doing it in the future. And I found a way out of it.

Go to the GDR forum and you will find GM rating as THE source of contention this FAB season. I'm not here to say those owners who swear by the GMR and the bid calculator are wrong, but sometimes you gotta take a deep breath and relax. Even keel will get you through the FAB and ensuing waiver wire frenzy so you can start the season with a 100 GMR. Now I know that does not help you a lick inside the FAB, so be prepared not to have all the insider info and know that if it comes to a tie or similar bids you're not going to win. All the more reason to target who you want from the start and don't back down when it comes time to put the money on the table.

By the time the FAB ended my GMR went from 60 to 59. In the course of those three days, it was all over the map. But the end result was -1. 24 hours after the FAB it was a 73. 24 hours later an 84. So now comes the timeless question, "hey idiot, why didn't use that inside the FAB?"

Like the post is labeled. Too fast, too furious. This was the first 3-day FAB I'd done and I already had 15 players on the roster. I signed a whopping 3 players during the FAB. It became apparent, quickly, that a limited number of days to bid meant the free agent bidding would be the place to hang around. Me and about six other guys stashed cash and took off for the "player activity" tab to wait for the FAB to wrap up. And then it started flying. Chad Tracy, Dan Uggla, Eric Gagne (whisper his name so he doesn't pull or blow something. Now knock on wood three times. ok, continue), and Ramon Hernandez were just some of the players I picked up with stashed cash from the FAB.

In the traditional 5-day FAB or if you're building a team from scratch I would tell you you're crazy to use this method. And if you're a firm believer that a 100 GMR on day 2 of the FAB is what wins championships, then you've already laughed at what I've written and you didn't make it this far anyway. If you did make it this far please use the GMR as a guide and not the end-all-be-all of how you can put together a team. I'll say the same about the bid calculator as well. It's a guide, not the key to putting together a winning team. Play around with the BC. If you don't trust it and notice somewhere is saving a roster spot for who you think is a particular player you want, go big. Get who you want and at the end of the season you've got nobody or nothing (GMR or BC) to blame but yourself.

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