Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A true test of a hitter stadium

A test and a great risk. In a league of champions, with sp matchups, 16 teams, i went for the absolute hitter stadium. 99% bonus on hitters from both side of the plate. -141% against pitchers. Ouch!!!!

Believe it or not, on a twelve teams league with no sp matchups, that went very well last year, putting only 20 millions overall on pitchers (half on reliever - yes, only 10 millions on SP). I won... easily i would say.

But trying the same strategy on a 16 teams league of champions, with the new sp matchup, was a whole lot riskier. I knew it from tne beginning and went for it anyway. But the 20m$ approach on pitchers cannot survive with the sp matchup and with the fact that with 16 teams there is not a whole lot of OK pitchers left after the FAB. So i had to go for 30m$. That meant a different approach on hitting.

Last year, my budget gave me 6 hitters with 3 or more FP/G, and 2 others with 2.9 and 2,7. Quite the hitting team and with Linebrink and Shields, life was good in pitching.

This time, only 4 hitters that should provide me a sure enough 3 FP/G or more, and the rest between 2,5 and 3 (i hope). I should be good at home (i was great last year) . But this time, at least 3 teans have a hitting lineup that could be as good as mine, if not better.

If Sheets finally pitch a full season, i could get away with this strategy. If not.... well next year GM might hate me.

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