Thursday, March 8, 2007

Value, Speculation & Outlandish Statements

The draft is less than three days away and I am more nervous than Ozzie Guillen in a “sensitivity training” course.

This will be my first year in the esteemed Champions League and my first year in a 16 manager league.

Now, 16 managers each swinging $100 million in cash seems more inflationary than Jim Hendry with a blank check. Where will I find value?

Will I find value in bounce candidates (Teixeira)? Could there possibly be value in leveraging the services of Prior and Bar-roid? Can value be found in allocating a total of $50 million to Santana and Pujols and crossing my fingers they do not get injured?

Where is my niche?

Reading posts regarding taking over a failed franchise and the respective descriptions of contracts and the players signed to them makes me wonder aloud, “What was that manager thinking?”

So, any predictions for the fire sale enabler of the year award? Who signs last years hot rookie to an egregious multi-year death trap? Who gives the aging veteran an opportunity to confirm Viagra improves more than batting average?

As owner-manager-player of Texas Hedge, I wish everyone in the Clemente league good fortune.

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