Monday, March 26, 2007

Vultures, GM ratings & Who is Jeremy Hermida?

Page One represents two FAB bidding philosophies-- Vulture & Sweep Week Manager (SWM).

Vultures only exist because the cost of being a vulture is not high enough, or because the benefits from GM rating are not strong enough to reward a solid GM rating.

Vultures should receive greater punishment, or a higher GM rating should have greater benefit!

At the expense of sounding bitter (which I am not), I can accept bidding on a player with other managers and being out bid. Having a competitive and transparent bidding process is essential to building faith in the process. Meanwhile, out bidding competitors and receiving a "green 1" with a few hours remaining until auction expiration allows the confidence to "strategize" allocation of unspent dollars. The post-auction despondent feeling you receive after realizing a vulture bid your player into oblivion sets up an auction free fall.

What is 9 points on a GM rating when you're stealing an MVP, CY Young, or a top prospect? 9 points on a GM rating or a 300 point marginal gain throughout the season? Hmm....

The blackout period fails to achieve the necessary result. The sniping only occurs earlier (time to reallocate $ is a plus, but the rule needs to go further). If the blackout period instead limited bidders to those already in the bidding process, then it would allow managers greater control over the outcome without guaranteeing the auction.

Nevertheless, the blackout period could be avoided all together if you setup a penalty acting like a penalty! I propose you increase GM reductions to 30 points, or greater, if you make your first bid within 25% of expiration.

Who is Jeremy Hermida? Possibly the next great prospect to have failed? Any bets on this guy ever turning out? Who has a better year-- Hermedia or Casey Kotchman?

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jeff_v said...

I feel that if I bid what I feel a player is worth, then I don't have to worry about vultures. Anyone who outbids me is by definition overpaying. So in addition to whatever GM rating hit they take, they're also shorting their resources.